06 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 6 - first work on the armour plates

Armour plates: I started out on the upper leg sections (and then dabbed some colour onto a few other parts as well) as they are quite small and somewhat insignificent compared to the bigger areas such as the lower legs. The reason for this was that I wanted to work out the technique for painting these big surfaces before getting onto the really big central ones. Also, I still had some doubts about the colours in some areas but knew that I wanted to do the orange.

Working my way over these two plates I tried both copper and ironbreaker/chainmail  (see the picture) on the rims. Although it might look alright as a separate part, I don't think either would work when everything is put together. I think the orange looked too light and bright and I also was considering how the armour plates were to stand out against the metal on all the body. so I when back to an ealier idea: white. However, the white will make trouble on the shoulder plates, since I wanted two black halves combined with a white with heraldry and a checked half with black and white. This will not work, but if I want the white rims I will have revise the plan for the shoulderpads front halves. Here is the revision: Right side will be orange with white heraldry, and the left side checked, but using yellow instead of white against black. This should work and look really strong.

Going back to the white rims the plan is to make them rather clean first and the go nuts with weathering. Getting some light surfaces on the model will help to make the weathering stand out I hope. Works on small models, so it might as well work here...


  1. Really good to see you active again on your blog.

    It"s Interesting to see the thought behind all of your decisions as the model comes together.

  2. Thanks. I usually have a pretty good plan for colour when I start most mini, but I also try to keep an open mind during the process if anything looks odd and needs changing.