18 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 18 - copper it is...

I have decided for copper for the rims. Finally.

White will only be used for the head, the weapons, the markings and the imperial eagle above the helmet. The white rims did work to some extent, but I think I will have to try it another time!

Thanks for all the input and suggestions. Tomorrow I hope to get all the copper areas finished to 90 percent and then glue most parts and start on some serious weathering over the weekend!


  1. oooh, I think it looked better white, I would ctrl+z before saving ...

    Only joking, looks great! Again thanks for sharing :)

  2. "Killing your darlings" is true for modelling as well as writing I suppose. The white looked great I think, at least in the detail shot. Looking forward to the next update.

  3. I like the copper better. The white was good, but the white transfers were enough I think.