19 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 19 - checks...

Hi all, no picture update tonight.
However in the comments on last night's update lé kouzes questions the yellow checks. And rightly so. Today my mind has been wondering about the checks. The yellow is so powerful. Probably too powerful.
So I am debating to go red and black or as suggested to paint over the yellow with a creamy white, or maybe just a greyish white...

So there it is; thinking cap on.
Which might mean to sit down and try it out later...


  1. I like it as it is. The yellow is strong but works with the orange in my opinion.

  2. It is a bit strong perhaps. How about a coat of bone/yellow mix over the yellow parts to make it a bit more earthy and natural? Soften it up a bit.

  3. Red and black may work as well... that's tricky, I think it's worth doing some tests (on paper for example) if you have time. You can always cut and apply them on the model to see how it looks. I do it from time to time. :)


  4. I actually did a half-hearted photoshop paintover, and decided to grind through doing all the copper before deciding. Wise choice I think. The idea of testing is very good though. Can save a lot of trouble and time.