21 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 21 - detail-work

Getting closer to a finished model, but today it is about the details.
Here are the shield, banner and helmet. Still a little weathering detail-work left but good enough for a close-up I think.

I am also working on getting some colours onto the base. The terrain will be barren with turfs of withered grass. More on that in tommorow's update.

The big question is how much weathering and tweaking the model needs when all parts are assembled...


  1. Looking great. This model is going to be wonderful. I love how you have approached it like a large miniature and less like a scale model - using airbrush for nearly everything. This has a real organic feel to it. Great stuff. Looking forward to the finished product. Mine is turning out very differently than yours. It's got black rims, orange and white armor plates without any yellow. Hopefully I can get some good pics up to share once its done.

    1. Hey Tim, Make sure to show the Knight when you have finished your interpretation of the kit.