17 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 17 - weathering, finally

Finally some weathering. Worked on many of the orange parts.

Here I also had a little fun testing the white on the rims. However, the weapons now look a little less strong.
You cannot have it all I suppose...


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  2. Are the rims staying staying white then or will they go copper later? Looks like they currently have a lot of weathering already?

    Really enjoying the daily updates, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. OK, the white rims are tough. They look good, but they just don't look "grim-dark" enough. I am thinking that bronze rims might be in order...

  4. I think I could find the white rims grim-dark enough with a bit more weathering. A bit more grime and dirt and the image would be great. However, in relation to the rest of the colour scheme I will go back to copper because of the white weapons. And also to practice the oxide effect.

    Thanks for all the thoughts and writings back and forth - pros and cons about the colour options. I learned from it, and I am sure other people has followed the discussion with interest.