01 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 1

This is my December hobby-grind: an Imperial Knight to be painted before Xmas!

 In the past I have done an X-mas count-down on my old website, www.jrn-works.dk, a few times. An update a day on a project, or sometimes just a series of unrelated models. But an update a day. This year I will try and keep a steady hobby grind going working my way over this big kit.

I have chosen this model for many reasons. Mainly because of the size and complexity, but also because I wanted to have a go at those classic tank weathering techniques. Also, with a model devided into many small armour plates I hope that I simply might be able to deal with the model piece by piece. That should - in theory - ease the process. Finally, the project is an obvious change to work those basic airbrush skills.

Time will decide if I can do an update every day, but I'll do my best. The main goal is to have a nice and focussed hobby-project during December!

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