12 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 12 - a moment of doubt...

Tonight I am closing in on that moment of choice for the rims on the armour. So far I have gone for white for the rims, but I had to put the model loosely together to see how it looks.

Quite alright I think. However, I also think the model would work with the rims painted copper. The reason for white is to be able to clearly show a lot of weathering. Going for copper instead would limit the white for the head and the weapons enphasizing these. But then there will be no extreme weathering on white, which I find usually is a great trick!

I think I will spend the weekend working on the heraldic shield, and get a head start on the banner, and possibly add some weathering to the metal sections. Maybe my vision will be clearer when I have all the yellow checks painted in. Oh, and I might work in some colours on the base to get a little contrast to all the orange. That might also help to decide...


  1. My goodness you are fast! It is taking shape and looks menacingly good already.

    I can understand your doubt. I think...that both could be great.

    But the pros of painting them copper are that the head will stand out (supporting one of your points in one of your first posts of using the face to create an overall feel and focal point). Also, the rims on the head (with the same types of design) are copper already. The copper will probably also create a frame for the (excellent!) tones of orange that you are building up. If you go copper, you could consider to keep the white armour piece just above the face (with the copper eagle)...and maybe the lower pointy piece of armour too?

  2. I think it looks beautiful as it is Jakob. Personally I would probably have gone for copper frames, but then it's the safe choice. FPOA does make a great point though.

  3. I think the white frames look good, and it's hard to imagine copper there. My feeling is the copper will visually blend to the orange a bit, making the detail of the trim less defined - but then again I'm just using my mental imagination.. I think you should try it out first on one armor plate and see how it looks.

  4. I have been looking at this again and again Jakob!

    Nicklas comment is good. Copper is probably the safe way - despite it being full of potential. I am sure that in your hands it could be beautiful.

    But praising your for your experimentarion earlier I would say that the pros of white - or weathered and battlebeaten white - is that it is an experiment and will test another colourpalette that is not close to your previous JRN-palette. And from how you describe the white it will be very much different (and 'colourful') than the one shown here.

    I look very much forward to see where you decide to go :)

  5. Thanks for the comments and pondering back and forth for me. All input are considered, and I guess that my doubt is a good question. As planned tonight will be about details and I will decide tomorrow or Monday.