11 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 11 - chainsword

Tonight I just dived in and wanted to see something finished. Or at least close to finished.
So I worked on the two weapons the big cannon and the massive chainsword. Quite pleased with the result, although obviously there will be some fine-tuning when the all the parts are put together.

For rust I used Vallejo Model Colour Mahogany Sand and Citadel's Ryza Rust. The oxide effect on the copper was achieved using Citadel Nihilakh Oxcide (who makes up these names!?!). I also added a bit of the old Citadel Hawk Turquoise here and there to add a little more blue to the oxide effect.

Of other things done today was to order some varnish - both gloss and matt for the airbrush. I am rather new to using transfers, but this is also one of those things I wanted to get some practice with. In a few days I will be convering this beast in transfer, and then add a lot of battle-damage and weathering on top. Should be fun!


  1. I'm enjoying seeing you tackle this - its nice to see the incremental work in progress shots - its easily translatable for others to follow along to.

  2. There's an excellent video about decal application by Paul Budzik up on youtube:

  3. @ Frothing Muppet: Thanks. Good to hear.
    @ Nicklas, I'll make sure to check out that tutorial. Cheers.