16 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 16 - more decals...

A late update tonight. Lots of decal work. Looks nice and takes time. Need to be done carefully and cannot be rushed.

So I have been slowly working my way over the model listening to a WFB podcast from the UK, HeelanHammer. Still need to sort out a few additional decals, but I have the main ones in place an looking great.

Status tonight: 8 updates to go before I want the model finished. It should be possible, but I need to keep focus. Tomorrow needs to be a day of the final decals and then a varnish to secure the decals. And then Thursday and forth should be all about weathering and base. Nice!

Regarding the rims - I think tonight's image will help to decide. Where it does look nice and old-school with all the white I think the decals and also the orange gets somewhat lost. Choosing copper instead will make the rims less pronounced and the orange will get more power. So I am thinking anyway...


  1. I don't think the orange is lost at all against the white and the decals - its such an unusual sight (outside of Eldar Firedragons) that think in and off itself it pops. The white rims have certainly grown on me - and this all in one shot doesn't make me think - "oh I wish he'd done it copper/metallic - that would look better". I actually think a copper look could tip it the other way - clashing with the other steel metallics and getting lost against the orange. If you want a copper look - you could add some oil wash effects to the metal pistons and such to add some more colour.

  2. I myself would prefer the copper I think. But a dark copper (or brass?) with the weathering kept subtle. That leaves the orange and the white on the head and weapons to be the bright contrast.

  3. It looks very good!
    I am not entirely convinced by the yellow on checks... I find it too "flashy", I would love to see a test with a pale yellow, mixing some cream paint with it.

    Great to see the daily advance by the way!