03 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 3

Base colour. Orange. Well, first a foundation for the base colour. Before painting the armour plates orange I added a layver of bone colour (Army Painter zombie skin) to works as a warm foundation for the orange.

Following this I applied the basecolour (Army Painter Prison Jumpsuit) with the airbrush.

I was nicely surprised about the surface-finish of the basecolour. The airbrush was so easy to get the paint nice and clean onto the mini. Such an awsome tool. When I think about the considerations and doubt about getting that airbrush from my side prior to finally dishing out to buy one...
Oh, well. Now, at least, I have got it.


  1. Great choice of base colour. The result will be spectacular. Look forward to follow your progress. /Mattias

  2. That is not very constructive comment, but I love the colour!

    I look forward to seeing more :)

  3. I am quite excited about that orange also. What I really look forward to is to get into weathering those big orange surfaces.