14 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 14 - more details...

More checks to be painted in and a bit of weathering on the metal parts.

Of other hobby-related work I picked up a parcel at the postoffice with a bottle of both matt and gloss varnish for the airbrush, and I also made it to the local hobby shop to get some DecalFix. I really look forward to getting some of those decals in place...


  1. Still such a cool post to be following along with mate.

    You mentioned on the previous post how you glaze a yellow tone over the white check - any tip on how to get a decent stained effect like yours and not have the glaze run around the rounded surface and collect in recesses?

  2. Applying Inks/Tints via Airbrush over white will give a great result.

    Otherwise, practice using glazes a lot.

  3. Pretty much as Fleet described it: Practice with layering it on thinly and neatly. For the yellow I went over the areas (including the black checks) with a thin glaze 3 times. Just brush it on and control the paint so you don't get pools of paint. Remember that it is not a wash. It is more akin to a transparent tinted layer in Photoshop.