07 December, 2014

Imperial Knight, day 7 - armour plates grind

This is where the hard work begins. The chore of miniature painting. The grind: getting the base colours all over the model, to a nice finish, and getting the initial shading and highlights put in. All the work before weathering and getting into the details.

The image does not show a lot. Mainly it documents that I am working my way over the many parts...

So - to compensate for the slightly boring progress - I thought is would be the right place to put up a link to one of the main inspirational sources for getting into this project. On the Legion of  Plastic-blog the awsome Migsula showed the building of his Knight over a few updates in Spring 2014 and I have clearly picked up a few ideas and learnings from this execution of the kit.

If you haven't seen it before go an have a good look right away! Just follow the link below. Now! And if you have seen the project before why not take another look at the great work and also check out his more recent hobby-projects. Here is Migsula's impressive Imperial Knight:

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  1. This series has been so much fun to follow. Thanks for posting!