02 April, 2014

Purple ink - nostalgia

Found this last weekend in an old box of paints at my parents house. An early 90s purple ink! And notice the late 90s era purple ink in the background. Awsome strong inks. I just love purple.


  1. Indeed, I still have mine purple ink :)
    I got it when I was still in high shool which was about 12 years ago? 13 maybe?
    It's amazing the paint is still usable!

    - Demi -

  2. They were great inks! Ive still got the late 80s ones in tiny dropper bottles which were superb :) I am hoping that those new inks by scale 75 will be as good!

  3. These days I also love W6N artist inks, and the recent GW washes.
    Different inks and washes for different tasks I suppose.