13 April, 2014

Booklet update

POST-CENTAUR PAINTING is moving quickly. Almost 70 booklets have left the house, which is quite impressive. I have also had some great comments from them painters out there, who recieved my little product. Thanks a lot for those comments! It makes me really happy that it you like it and find inspiration from my projects.

On another note, I have cleaned up a handful of very different models that I am planning to paint over the next two months or so. Should be fun. Also, I was struck by inspiration yesterday and made some concepts that might turn into a really interesting project in the scope of a year or so...


  1. Hi Jakob. Received mine recently. Wonder work you have included in the book, very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  2. I am very pleased with mine. Its already been giving me ideas...

  3. There has been some excellent inspiration in there for some of my own projects, having received mine.