03 April, 2014


Finally, as promised, I can tell about, show and link to the miniature booklet shown earlier.

The central idea for the booklet was to present a selection of my works done after my Crystal Brush project in 2011. The entry for the competition was called Duchess Death, and I have often thought if her as the Death Centaur of Doom refering to my doomed mental state after the countless of hours that went into creating and painting the model. In the months after Crystal Brush I painted on canvas, tried out lithography, and explored different more expressive forms of miniature painting. I also started this blog. I wanted to produce more in less time, and I did not care for immediate precision, but worked with textures, vivid colours and with a strong focus on the overall imagery.

In short, I think my painting style and approach to the hobby took a turn after that competition, and it is that stylistic endavour, my POST-CENTAUR PAINTING, that I am presenting in the booklet.

Appropriately enough, the Crystal Brush is actually taking place the coming weekend, so - Crystal Brush competitors beware! - you might be in for a stylistic change if you get in too deep... :-)

It is a 52 pages A6 booklet: 20 spread-pages each presenting a miniature (well 17 on minis and 3 on other arty projects) with a page of words and a page of images. Plus an introduction and finishing with a few of my sketches and mood photographies.

For this first edition run I have had 100 printed, all numbered and signed.

The booklet can be purchased through Runic Miniatures at the following stand-alone site, 

I look forward to hearing comments from those who buys the booklet, and I hope that it might serve as inspiration to start (or finish) some great projects out there. It might even cause a stylistic deviations or two...

Finishing off this post, here are a few more images:


  1. Ordered and very much looking forward to seeing.

  2. I ordered a copy too! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

  3. Fantastic. I've ordered a copy, can't wait to pore over it :)

  4. I am gonna order one too, i hope there is enough:-D

    Jeg har sent dig en mail Jakob, til den mail adresse du har på jrn-works.
    Er du ikke sød at se på den når du får tid.

  5. Jakob my copy arrived this afternoon. So when I got home from work I was like a kid at Christmas ripping open the envelope and then getting to devour the contents.

    I know its a little thing but the orange cover is the perect colour - reminds me of Winsor and Newton orange ink.

    Wonderful booklet, I love the Traitor Guardsman and the terrain backdrop. Plus the Mordheim stuff makes me smile.
    The sketch section is brilliant. What was going to be the base model for the tarot reader?



  6. Thanks All for the support and excitement!

    Peter, the orange sure is that particular ink!
    It's the real thing, so I am quite pleased that you noticed!

  7. I'm trying to order the booklet from France and I don't have a paypal account. The websites forces me to create an account which I don't want to do...it is strange because if you're based in the UK you don't have to do this...do you know what's that all about?

    1. Hi MarK, Sorry for your trouble.
      I just looked at the check-out procedure and here from my part of the world it offers both options. Strange. Try sending me an email am I'll will see if we can make it work.

  8. Hi Jacob,

    thank you! I can't find your mail adress though! Are there some books left? Could you place one on the side for me?

    Cheers Marc

  9. Hi MarK, I already did put one aside for you. No worries. :-)
    Email: Just mail me on jakob(a)jrn-works.dk

  10. If you ever wondered what Jakob was thinking when he starts on a miniature, then this is the booklet for you.

    The only thing that i am missing, are larger pictures, and pictures in higher resolution.

    But that is of minor concern, because the booklet is not about the pictures, but the thoughts ;-D

    1. Hi Kim,
      Glad you like the booklet.
      How to you like the use of A6 format?

      My personal feeling and idea about doing it in this rather small format was to keep it very pocket-sized. So you can have it at hand without taking up too much space. On the hobby table or to easily bring to the gaming club. For fiction I love the classical paperback size that fits most bags or coats. I guess I wanted to try and present something similar in the mini figures world...

    2. The size is actually nice, for the reasons you have just given.
      But also because I like camping, and the size makes it perfect for just that;P

  11. My copy arrived this morning. As soon as I got back from the school run I was straight into it.
    It is a delightful little book, a peek into your creative processes. It's a pleasure to read through.

  12. Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Hi JRN,

    mine arrived today (I was so happy when I opened the mailbox :D ) I like the format of the book- very handy and very cool! I also like the concept very much, often I struggle hard when trying to achieve the perfectly clean 'eavy metal style, but you show me the way back to the fun way of painting (which still looks splendid!). I'm really happy about the book and dug out some really old miniatures to try out a few things!

    Thanks again!


  14. Hi JRN,

    I got mine yesterday and I'm very happy with the booklet. At first the small size surprised me but the text and pictures were clean and easily read/viewed. I would actually go so far as to say that the size was near perfect for the material. The text was informative and inspiring.

    You have made a good selection, it was a pleasant surprise to find some Mordheim material in there as well. As I have recently faded out from the Inq28 scene and back into Mordheim I really enjoyed you showing some inspiration.

    All in all I can't find any faults in the booklet and tons of value.
    If there are any left I would suggest everyone hurry up and buy Post Centaur Painting.


    1. Alexander, I was surprised by the size myself when I got them from the printer. Not that I hadn't designed it myself, but the scale of the booklet is just something different. We are so used to seeing small A5 publications, but going down to A6 really makes a difference I think. The goal was to hit a size similar to poetry publications, smartphones/small tablets, and paperback books.
      Glad you liked the Mordheim stuff. I am really into the game at the moment.

  15. I just got mine this week, it really is inspiring!

    1. Great to hear. Passing on inspiration is a prime goal for the project.

  16. Hi JRN,

    Just finished to go through all the pages for the first time. I believe you reach your main goal: above all, it is really an inspiring booklet! If i get to have a wish, a small tutorial on those "dirty white" (particularly that on the brute) would be nice to see on jrn works web site!