28 April, 2014

WIP #2: mid-80s Orc Leader, almost there...

Almost there... but I did promise a picture, so here it is:

The model still needs a drybrush on the flock and then a layer of paint-on matt varnish. Maybe an extra highlight here and there. Taking a photo like this and having a closer look really makes me aware of those areas where the model could benefit from a few extra minutes...

Tonight I picked up an old trick for this guy and gave the skin areas and horns a coat of paint-on gloss varnish. This is left to dry for tomorrow and I believe it will create a nice smooth finish for the matt varnish to go over. A while back I experimented adding gloss varnish to the paints when painting flesh areas and this also had an interesting effect.

Bottom line, model is almost there, but I am really pleased to remember this old trick and hopefully seeing a good result when I finish the model.


  1. Simply outstanding mate as usual.
    It always manages to amaze me that whatever you put a brush to blows me away.


  2. Very old school! Love it!

    I remember one of theese painted in a similar style on the back of one of the old citadel paint boxes... Was it the "Monsters" paintset?

  3. Very nice; I love the pale but vibrant and luminescent skin of the orc.

  4. Lovely model.
    I cannot stand some people can actually paint so fast! ><


  5. Never had the monster paint set myself, so I cannot remember. But he was show as a drawing in the first Citadel Miniaturees Painting guide. I have used that colour scheme from memory, but overdone the billious green skin going extremely vibrant. The Gloss followed by matt varnish trick worked nicely. Model is done now, but I need daylight for proper photography. Tomorrow or the weekend...