21 April, 2014

Runelord finished

Decided that the dwarf Runelord was done, so I sent him off  for some exploration in a rather unhomely setting...

A great model. Of course I could spend more hours on the guy if I wanted to. I could also easily paint another one and enjoy it even more. However, I am already halfway through the painting of a cool old-school orc miniature...

Classic studio-style photos of the Runelord later.


  1. Wow, that is one fantastic looking model! And your painting brings it to another level!. When I first saw the GW model, I was not entirely sure what to make of the rune he was holding up. You, however, did a remarkable job capturing burning glow of the freshly cast rune. It adds an element of color to the model that really accents the rest of the composition. He is truly one of the best looking dwarves I have ever seen!

  2. Great looking model. Your paint jobs have always had a certain character/style to them. I hope you get back to painting in competition again some day, your builds were very inspiring throughout the years.

    On another note, got my Copy of Post-Centaur; I can read and look at those moody models (the really grim dark loose paint jobs especially) all day great booklet for sure.

  3. Great dwarf! Love the setting too.
    I got my copy of Post-Centaur yesterday. Thanks!

  4. Hmm!

    I´d like one of those runes, looks like it can take me to the future :-D

  5. Did you say Orc?? Can we have one or two pictures of that too??
    PS: the dwarf is just amazing!

    1. Mysterious WIP of the orc is up as I am writing this. :-)
      Proper pictures will wait for the weekend though.