31 March, 2014

Terrain nostalgia

Visited my parents the past weekend and went through some old boxes with soldiers and terrain from my early years in the hobby. We are speaking early 90s for most of it, I believe. Look at that dark green on the terrain edges! Yikes!

The weird toadstool-like chaos terrain with the withered tree is from Spring 1999. Never put in the time to make a full chaos wastes themed gaming table like this. Would have been cool though...


  1. So cool! I was a child in the early 90's so it's really nice to see what wargaming looked like back in the day! Nowadays there are so many awesome companies making good terrain, but I think creativity was maybe more important back in the old days ;) I love this chaos terrain-very cool and it even looks good today!

  2. Seeing how your stuff was impressive even back in the 90s isn't half depressing, you know ;)

    You should probably post these on some of the blogs and forums dedicated to the Oldhammer movement: That stuff should be right up their alley!

  3. Cheers. The Oldhammer guys people are welcome around this place.
    But as you both say there is something nice about seeing this old stuff with basic techniques and a feeling of wanting to try out the hobby. Revisiting my old terrain I found it quite funny that I did both fantasy and 40K stuff even though I was only into Fantasy back then. For some reason I just had to have a go at making that Space Marine bunker.

  4. Aw man, i remember the white dwarf articles some of those scenary pieces came from! The bunker and fantasy house. I made scenary like that in '96 for my design and tech prject for my GCSEs. Mine didnt look like that! Cool pieces :)

    1. Yeah, seeing the buildings and remembering the WD articles is a direct link to childhood nostalgia! I actualy what to update them with weathering and then use them for mood photography with my recent minis. The project would be quite fun. Also, it raises the question about when a model is finished? My approach it that models or terrain can be finished at one point, and then later I can decide to return to then after a few months or even after two decades!