23 March, 2014

Painting Crusade 2014

Returned last week for a blast of a miniatures weekend. I was invited to join the judging panel at Painting Crusade IX in Namur, Belgium. The event was great, cosy, and with some great entries. And most importantly I had the change to meet and talk about miniatures with a lot of excited and passionate people. For the judging I was teamed up with Benoît Ménard and Patrick Masson who both were great people, and I really enjoyed the daunting task. Lots of great models.

 A small part of the many models at the event.

An early Sunday morning walk along the river.

Duchess Death in the cabinet Sunday morning: 
Somehow the shifting sunlight in the cabinet glass made a bizarre 
reflection of light on her tail. Maybe she was a cute pony in a previous life...

During the past few months I have worked on a small booklet and managed to get it ready for the event.


  1. Ooooooh, that book is very intriguing. Will that be available elsewhere?


  2. Nice! I would also like to know more about the booklet...

  3. So her former self was Rainbow Dash?
    And i´ll join the riot, WHAT IS THAT BOOKLET! O.o

  4. I would like to know more about that booklet as well.

  5. And I. Tell us about the booklet, please! :D

  6. It is a 52 pages A6 booklet: 20 spread-pages each presenting a miniature (well 17 on minis and 3 on other arty projects) with a page of words and a page of images. Plus an introduction and finishing with a few of my sketches and mood photographies.

    The goal was to get it finished for Painting Crusade and sell a few there. Now, I need to work out how to distribute the rest. For this first run I have had 100 printed, all numbered and signed.

    Content-wise, all is projects done after my Duchess Death model for Crystal Brush. So selected creative efforts from April 2011 to December 2013.

  7. Where do I get on the list to buy one now? I need that booklet asap!

  8. I'm very interested in that booklet too and would gladly buy one! :)

    Cheers, Marc

  9. Same, i´d buy one. Sounds like i pretty cool collectors piece:)

  10. Thanks for all the interest in the booklet. It really makes me happy.

    I am working on getting a small online "sales-booth" ready for the beginning of April.
    Stay tuned. I'll post a heads up here a day or so ahead before the shop goes live.

  11. Glad you had a good time buddy. I still love the image of that box o' booklets.

    The river picture has given me the motivation to get into the countryside asap.

    The Duchess' tail actually looks better with the rainbow effect. Somehow makes her all the more sinister in my eyes. Thanks again for bringing her along last year as she was a joy to see in the flesh.

    I needed a break and coming here has refreshed me.



  12. It was great seeing your work in person. Thank you for juding my work and the gold in the special category :)

    Please check out the report on my blog: corvusminiatures.blogspot.com