06 November, 2011


The sketch that partially got me into bringing my writing and process ponderings into the public. A quick drawing to get ideas on converting the new plastic wizards from GW released Summer 2011:

Lady on the right has been converted and painted already, the servo-skull colector on the right is halfway converted, while a conversion based on the recently released plastic Nurgle Lord is the current painting project.

For the mentioned Nurgle Lord I wanted to play with the massiveness of the miniature. To both contradict and underline this I changed the bulky standing pose into a disturbing floating daemonhost:


  1. Good to see you finally making the leap and starting this blog mate!

    Looking forward to a number of interesting upcoming posts.



  2. John actually showed us the "lady on the right" back in England before GD'11 bus took off from Nottingham. Great smoking waters! It was phenomenal!

  3. @ izeColt: Cool. Glad you liked her. I cannot wait to see an =I= party forming around her. The Damonhost and servo skull collector will be in the same group...

  4. Amazing work! How did you convert the lady on the right? Looks like you used the DE Sorceress as a base.