24 November, 2011

Paint phase #2 on the daemonhost + mood photography

More work down on the daemonhost. Painted the flesh using two shades of pink, white, and some inks. This is a seriously big figure with a lot of flesh - took some time to do - but it was fun to explore building the colours over the black/white-zenith undercoat. The black primer shading shows effectively through adding a nice sinister grey shade in a few places. But first some moody images of the figure. The lower half is still to be finished but with some cropping we still get some nice shots...


  1. Looks awesome. I wonder how it would look if you used an actual flame as lightsource. Woudl it be too dark? Or wouldnt there be any point since you cant see the dancing of the flames?

  2. The tricky part would probably arranging the setup since the placing of the light source has to be carefully arranged. And a candle would be hard to work with having to move the burning flame around on the table...

    Don't thing it would change things a lot - just make it more complex. But the idea to further improve the images in various directions (cold, warm) is something I have to think about.