20 November, 2011

A treasure hunt - handouts

Recently, I deviced a treasure hunt for the birthsday party for one of my children. Had to use both hobbys skills, basic planning, plus creating a story-line for the activities. Being semi-hobby-like I thought is was worth sharing.

The theme was I did make a treasure hunt but the treasure has been nicked by... a troll!
Everything was bound together by a story of a troll that had stolen the treature and left little notes with ryhmes to tease and scare the persuers. Worked out alright and the handouts were fun to make. Seriously large-scale stuff! The silly Troll-ryhmes are in Danish - probably a good thing.

-Planning, figuring out what goes where, when to do what, and so on...

-The finished handouts for the treasure hunt. Apart from these items I used a piece of old cloth tied into a pouch to hold pens and colour pencils. And the Treasure itself obviously.

Apart from start (Oh NO! The treasure has been nicked.. and all I found was this strange golden stone...) and finish (the treasure) we had 3 stations during the hunt. After the start there was a drawing exercise - the children were to draw themselves on little pages that would later become a booklet (by which to remember the event). Then there was some activities on a playground and a word-puzzle using the stones with letters. Next up was a ryhme-challenge where the children made a ryhme to scare the troll and from there they found the treasure using the map on a stone.

Planning and materials

Planning the stuff was hardest do to. The trick was - it seems - to make up (or copy) ideas for individual activities. I wrote them down individually on a little piece of paper. When I had the number of activities needed, I worked out how to connect them with clues and handouts.

Materials used for the handouts: Paper for scrolls. Thick paper for drawing (sheets of A4 each cut into four pieces, I used a nice 180 g/m2 aquarelle paper), and a single black sheets for the booklet cover (also cut into size). String for scrolls and other stuff. A pouch or similar with crayons, pencils, etcetera. Stones. Gold Spray. Black and red paint + brushes. Instant Coffee for weathering - both in mixed and powder form. And more instant coffee for standard use.


  1. This reminded me of something Roald Dahl said: "What a child wants and deserves is a parent who is SPARKY"


  2. great work! The spelling stones are an especially nice idea.

  3. Something totally different, something totally interesting! This was fun to read! Thank you for sharing:)

  4. Cheers for the comments.

    An improvement of the treasure hunt could be to add another activity and/or make sure that all children gets a handout of some sort to take home. A golden spell(ing) stone, a scroll or something similar.

    @ phiq: Thanks for mentioning Roald Dahl. It seems I knew his stories, but never was aware of the author be it name of background. I read up on this work and life yesterday.

  5. Du er en kaempe go' far!

    Haha! I love it. Your kids are so lucky. I am totally stealing this for my kid when she's old enough.