28 November, 2011

A hobby moment - bitz round-up

Today I had one of those fantastic hobby moments where you grab a single bit and think: "This would be so cool with a quick head-swap!". From there I just worked at random through a box or two and found the rest of the pieces for the conversion. Before showing it I want to play a little around with parts of the mini and try a few alternatives here and there, but the general idea was formed by a single plastic bit that just asked for a change.

So far the bitz round-up goes like this:
- Bretonnia knights sprue hunting falcon
- Space Marine plastic plasma gun (left hand)
- Emperor's Champion main body
- A random shoulder pad
- and a head from the Ghoul plastic sprue

Intrigued to see the model finished? I am!
Really looking forward to bashing the bits together one of the next evenings...


  1. Sounds great! So it's an inquisitor? Will you sculpt a second head on the "eagle?" ;-)