15 November, 2011

Grumlok and Gazbag

First Fantasy model finished in a while. Now, as I have mentioned photography styles in my past writings, I believe it would be obvious to give the current pics a few comments:

These pictures have been done using an annonymous grey backdrop instead of the classic blue-white. I like this because it isn't a specific colour, leaving the mini to shine by itself. The blue-white backdrop usually gives better colours, but sometimes the brightness of the blue-white transition adds such a strong visual expression to the picture that the model can get a little lost - even if it is very well painted.
As a final note I might add that I do not have any matching fantasy terrain so a moody shot is sadly not an option. Oh, there are more angles in the Gallery section on : www.jrn-works.dk


  1. I have never really liked the idea of using blue/white background in photoshooting. I know it maybe gives you the best colours but the cold and boring layer just doesn't feel right. I tend to use printed muslin canvas for their more natural and soft feeling.

  2. Really great work. I love the base that you've made and the use of yellow on the goblin. The ork's face is perfect too. Love the crusty blood on the ax blade.

    Old School painting at its best!

  3. I like it very much too! Great clean painting and nice natural colours! I like this style alot... :)

  4. Big thanks goes to Jakob for an amazing job done on my miniature. Worth every penny!

  5. Read on your site, that you're using strong inks again. Did you switch over to Citadel washes at some point?

    Those washes are great but in practice, very different from inks. I like the intensity of inks over washes for certain projects. Inks also seem to me more vibrant. What are thoughts on them?

  6. @ Old Shatter Hands: I have been using a mix of the new GW washes and the old Citadel ink for the past 3 years or so. Before I used a lof of Citadel ink + Vallejo model colour for shading, and back around 1998-2001 I used Ctadel inks and Tamiya clear colours.

    Recently I bought some Winsor and Newton artist inks and have been using them a lot. I guess the techniques just change slightly from model to model over the years. Sometimes you follow one path and suddently you try something else and you're on another path. Love these new inks though. So strong and vibrant.