06 May, 2012

Light for shooting

Created these little terrain pieces for fun:

But then I thought about the use of areas with light sources in the gameplay. A lamp on the gaming board might have influence on the gameplay. Maybe models operating near these should get bonus for the aim, or possibly some minus for shooting against the light if the enemy hides behind the light source,... and so on. Jumping from this mindset I was considering glowglobes hovering about in underground cityscapes constantly changing the odds by random movement from turn to turn. Might be fun for a necromunda campaign or some =I=munda setup...


  1. The skelly is excellent !

    Light effecting games is a cool idea, I guess you have to assume it was dark in the first place .

  2. In the night's darkness, light is one of the worst enemies, that's what the army teached me. So basically crossing the light sources would make you visible and very vulnerable to those who're standing in the darkness. Not only is your movement seen clearly in the light, but you also cast shadows around corners which can reveal your position the the enemy.

    Light sources sure give totally new aspect to night operations in gaming, randomly hovering spotters even more exciting experience.

    Thanks for sharing these JRN, made my mind wonder how to adopt the idea in the rat pack's terrain project...

  3. izeColt: Exactly my point! While being in the open can be bad, being in the light can be really bad...

    Unless of course your enemy is there as well - blinded by the brightness - while your model has his back to the light source and the gun ready...