22 May, 2012

Bless the mailman

A nice thick envelope was waiting for me in the mail today. A packet of bitz:

Stuff for building some Astartes to go along with my =][= retinue hunting for heretics.
Bless the mailman...


  1. I am intrigued...

    Indeed, I'm quite looking forward to the way you are going to portray your Astartes after seeing the beautiful figures you've made so far...

    I'd just like to ask a quick question. When creating your Marines, are you going to be doing so at the standard gaming scale, or are you going the "art-scale" route?

  2. some nice bitz you have there :o)

  3. Not sure I'll go completely art-scale. It is a good question and a very important thing to consider in regards to style and appearance. However, since one of the goals of the project is to get a working army to game with I fear that pushing the scale too much will have too great an impact on both the time scale and all models from Standard Astartes to Terminators and vehicles.

  4. Ready for som nice converting... ;-)