13 May, 2012

Thaddeus Velk - studio shots

Took the time to snap some studio style photographs of Thaddeus Velk:

The expressionism and aggressive painting style is showing very clear in these shots. Mood, colour, and contrast were main goals. Cape was painted using mainly sponge technique. On the head especially I took care to paint the right colours, but to leave the expressions open to be interpreted the viewer. I am quite happy with the overall look and feel of the character. 3 hours of painting. The style and speed might suit a future small army project...

Velk is not part of the yellow-based-up bunch of models painted over the Winther. Rather he is an enemy that they might be hunting to bring down.


  1. Any chance of a top down view as well so we can see the contents of those lovely pages?

    Very sinister character - I like him very much.

  2. Hello!

    I'm curious what sort of photography setup you use to take photos like these and your previous ones. What camera and lens? Any settings in particular that stand out? What sort of lighting, how many lights? This sort of thing. :)


  3. Really like this - excellent expressionist style.

  4. Top view of the book... When there is an opportunity I will go for it, but I have no material at present.

    The photo-setup is really simple. Good daylight, an old canon digital camera from 2003 with macro-settings. Also, I have a good quality photo-backdrop. For other recent photos they have simply been done using iphone. The really moody - night-style - shots are done in the evenings using a single light which I screen using whatever bits I have around. Then I manually control the shutter speed on the canon camera. Trial and error until I get the shots I want.

  5. wait, three hours painting time? Man, that's impressive.
    possibly frustrating too.
    great job though, very evocative mini.

  6. Wow, this model is so spectacular that I had to go and buy that WFB Wight King right away in order to try something similar ;-) Thanks for always being such a tremendous inspiration, JRN!

    One small question: What head did you use for the model? It seems familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it... A flagellant's head with the hair shaved down, perhaps?

  7. You might have seen the head on another blog last year...
    The head for the model is indeed from the Flagellant sprue.

  8. Hah! I knew it! ;-) Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, JRN!

  9. Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to put together a leaflet promoting Inquisitor as a game and I've had only a few offers of high quality INQ28 pictures.

    I took some suitable pictures of Thaddeus Velk and his cronies at the 2013 OpenBash (starting here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcoskoll/8545491325/in/album-72157632963207423/ ) - they're my own pictures, but as the models are your work, I'd like your permission before I use them.

    1. Hi Marco, Sorry for the late response. Yeah, go ahead and use the images.
      And good luck promoting the hobby!