11 April, 2017


My Cult of the Possessed warband emerging from the caves beneath the city.

Recently, I have been getting into gaming regularly and prepping for games. I have built a small force of Chaos Possessed: A few beastmen, a magister picked from the drawer of half-finished stuff, some henchmen, mutants and two Daemons. The image above features the deamons and the first beastman painted. Also, the terrain is actual the one half of the Pilgrym gaming board, the old Botanicarium. A nice setting that works nicely as a Mordheim backdrop.

So to kickstart some more frequent posting I want to feature my Possessed Warband in the next posts...


  1. Yeah. Me too. I have a nice little group of models to show.
    And then i could show my Eldar force next...

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