14 April, 2017

Mordheim: 3 Beastmen

3 henchmen for my Cult of the Possessed warband.

They are all painted using a "zenith lighting" primer technique. Basically, each model is primed black first, followed by white primer sprayed from a 45 degree angle from the top of the miniature. This creates natual "highlights" (the white primer), or pre-sharing (the black areas not hit by the white primer). Call it what you want.

The big trick here is that you can then work shades and washes over the surfaces creating intanttly shaded AND highlighted areas. So in the case of these beastmen being white, for their skin I added subtle shading of purple and pink tones around the mouth and eyes, and some yellowish light browns around the main muscles to blend the transition between the white and black pre-shading. I always re-emphazise the highlights and sometimes the shading also, but the midtones areas can be left finished after that initial wash.

I am really happy with these chaos beasts. Currently, I have the two beastmen with 2 weapons each fighting as henchmen in my warband. Now if only one of these could make it to become a hero in the next advance roll...