08 November, 2016

A painterly 40mm post-apocalyptic lady

Just finished this model for a friend. Siouxsie by Hasslefree Miniatures, a seriously dynamic 40 mm sculpt. Considering the scale I decided to go strong on contrasts, but also to go bold texturing the surfaces. An overall painterly approach.

It is a beautiful sculpt without very much detailing. And I really wanted to emphasize the wonderful shapes rather than adding lots of tricks and techniques.


  1. Really nice model, choice of colours is perfect.

  2. What a unique & interesting miniature! Nicely painted to suit the grimdark aesthetic....cool :)

  3. Incredible work Jakob! Love the realism you have achieved on the clothes, steel and skin. The base is excellent and fits the colour scheme perfectly. A good one!

  4. Thanks guys. Glad you like the style.
    Now, on to the next project...

  5. Beautiful model and pretty good paintjob!

  6. Great painting (really like the more loose style) and great dynamics/composition. Funny how female minis often wear very little clothes to war.....

  7. love the textures on that base and the contrasting bright orange rust on the pole.

  8. I'm sure you know already but I just recieved decembers white dwarf and there is a large multi page article about the pylgrim game, including several mentions of your contribution to the game.

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