08 May, 2014

Presentation bases for armies

I got an email the other day asking about the presentation base I made for my Chaos Army back in 1998. About the dimensions and materials. Well, it is a wooden frame bought specificly for the project in a store that makes frames for art and posters. The dimensions for the actual display area is about 23 x 33 cm.

In 1997 I did a similar base for my night goblin army. This one has the inner dimensions of 50 x 33 cm:

In both cases there is a sheet of wood in the frame for a base. And on this you can build up the terrain using either polystyrene sheets or thick cardboard. I have used both materials - cardboard on the chaos base - and they both work out alright. The tricky thing is to make the cut-ins for the bases, especially the round ones...


  1. I remember that Chaos army!
    I remember I saw it in WD and it made my jad drop back then. Nice memories.
    You should post some fresh pics of it to make the post complete and make some fans smile while browsing hobby-related blogs instead of doing paper job in the offices... ;)

  2. Thank you so much for those pictures Jakob, just the thing i need to keep the motivation up :-D

  3. Cheers. Yeah, next time I have the army out of its case I'll do a photo-feast.

    1. Nothing beats family, love and miniature nostalgia.

      By the way, try to think about how many years it´s been since you made it O.o ;-D

  4. Hi Jakob,

    very cool to see these bases again!

    Do you still know how you did the bark of the tree on the chaos army base? It looks like sand but I'm not sure...
    It would be great if you could tell me how you did this (if yous till remember ;) ) !?



  5. Those bases was indeed done LONG TIME AGO. I am still quite happy with these though. btw, I just picked up my old Wood Elves with the release of the new army book. Almost finished 8 rear rank archers for my glade guard. Quick paintjobs, but great gaming models.

    The trees on the chaos base were indeed done using sand for the texture. When doing stuff like this I like to give the trees an additional coat of thinned down PVA glue after the first coat of glue has dried and the sand stuck to the wire tree. The second coat fixes the sand properly so it does not fall off when you start drybrushing the trees.

    1. Now that you mention the new wood elves. they are actually some of the best woodelf models ever made.
      Might be a future project for me, making one of them armies :-D