26 May, 2014

Mordheim captain and a bowman

Converted these guys last week and painted them in a 2-hours-frenzy last night


Most work went onto the leader. I am quite pleased with the combination of both getting the colours in the right places and the rough and textures look. Great - and quickly painted - gaming models I suppose. Next game with my Reiklanders is tomorrow evening!


  1. Very effective paintjobs - and frightenlingly quick!

    Jobs - as they say - a good 'un!

  2. I like the conversion work and the paint jobs are very "paintery" like a John Blanche piece.

  3. Good to see some fantasy. German flag on the feathers? Your Mordheim figures in your book were among the highlights of looking through it.

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  5. Incredible, how you make it look so easy. There is no doubt it is a fast paint job, but still I can see that all strokes are almost perfect, and I guess that is the reason that the leader still looks so good, even though it is a fast paint job.. :-D

  6. Cheers. Certainly German-inspired feathers. Those colours are really great and powerful.

    The trick for fast-paced painting is well-chosen (or converted) models, and a zenith-style undercoat. Black from a low angle. Then white from bird's perspective. Then I use the gradient created by the undercoat with transparent layers for midtones, work in some dark warm tones as shading (purple and browns), and finally I carefully paint in those crucial final highlights that make the individual areas pop. Thats it!

    Oh, and a nice base always lifts a painted model to a higher level.

  7. Nice minis! They fit in very well with the 4 others you showed in the booklet!

    I have a question concerning painting metal on 28mm miniatures. I struggle a lot with highlighting metal in general (but I don't have these problems with skin, cloth etc): I always start with chainmail and then paint a few layers of the GW washes over it. Afterwards I try to highlight with chainmail (quite thin), but it always looks very bad and shaky...I can't get smooth transitions right (again, I have absolutely no problem to do smooth blendings for skin or clothes).

    Do you have any tipps?

    I would really be happy for some advice!

    Thank you :)

  8. Hi Mark, Thanks!

    Regarding that question about metallics. I will try to follow up on it in a future post.
    So, thanks for asking! :-)