19 May, 2014

Picking up the Wood Elves

With the release of the new army book for Wood Elves I have dusted off my small army and painted a group of 8 archers. I actually had them lying in a box all primed black and waiting for paint. 4 sessions of 1½ hours. Approximately. 4 evenings anyway. I started the army back in 2003 (!) and with no plastic archers available I used metal High Elves Shadow Warriors for my Glade Guard. Here they are:

Also, I have found this special mini in one of my old boxes:

Painted back in 1992 I think, he was part of Scarloc's Wood Elves Archers which I bought about a year into the hobby. So long ago. I remember repainting these models a few times as my techniques evolved. Now - again - he is to be cleaned up, repainted and join my army...

I guess I ought to show the army at some point also. I'll try to remember.


  1. As always I'm envious at your productivity, but I'm afraid I cannot be happy for you as I really hate elves!! Too tall and no beards what's that all about?