06 August, 2015

My first Age of Sigmar model: Stormcast Procecutor

Alright - radio silence over. I have bought the Age of Sigmar box. And I really enjoyed getting the box in my hands, looking at the artwork, and feeling the weight of the content. I loved opening the box and admiring the sprues, and felt quite excited going through the rules and background. I am all-in on this IP-reboot. I loved the old World, but this direction looks really promising! So, over a few evening I have built and painted my first Age of Sigmar model; a Stormcast Eternals Procecutor:

Great model. Fun to paint and very crisp. I was trying to do a really ancient-looking gold on the armour revisiting my metallic technique from around 2002-2005 and then cutting corners on other parts such as belt details and the scrolls. The parchments are acually just washed over the white primer and then finished with edge-highlight. The base was done using the process from my Eldar Army. However, the warm hue of these bases might be a bit too much for this style of metallics. Oh well, first model done. On to the next.

I am not sure if I want to do and army. Yet. First I feel like trying out a few colour schemes, before committing for the whole army. Then I want the army...


  1. Classic weatherbeaten JRN-gold. Beautiful! The checkered shoulderplate is a great reference to Oldhammer.

  2. I feel so inspired.
    Really good looking, and as always incredible how good you can make it look, even when you cut corners.

  3. I do like the models, but find they're a bit to clean and nice for what I like about warhammer/Age of Sigmar. I like the way you've done it though. Some what grungy but still 'angels'.

    I would be interested in seeing someone 'blanche' then up too.

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