29 June, 2015

Chaos Champion of Tzeentch, WIP #2

As mentioned, the face got some more colour and contrast worked into it...
Next up is finishing the belt and pouches, then the feathers (what colour?!).
After that I will do the base, and finally rework the robes...


  1. Splendid, more than 25 years after, these old beauties still rock and keep their charm. Really nice colours you're using here, far from the eye-catching ones we're used to on such models.

  2. Lovely natural yellow there. You got that evil stare just right - he's really got that skeksis thing going on.

    For the feathers how about a dark cerise?

  3. Awesome. Feathers? Well I am not the best color-schemer, but I'd say...orange fading to purple. Highly saturated.