22 January, 2013

Sketches - shield designs

Two pages of sketches elaborating on various ideas for shield designs:

I am particular fond of the ones portraying shark jaws and skeletal snakes.
Certain geeks among the readers might also recognize a particular GW shield design from around 1999.


  1. The goat head with the fish on it?

    I really like the snakes too, but also the eagels. Also the shilds with the eyes could really work for some kind of mages or the like:)

  2. Yeah, the one with the fishy, from the Freelance Knight from Mordheim. That reminds me, I still have the mounted version to paint...

    Lovely designs. The shark one would be good for a soldier dedicated to Manann.

  3. Forgot to ask, do these + the last two pictures have anything to do with the grey knights you were talking about last year?

  4. @ Kimnis: No, these are for another project. But my current secret project is potentially related to the Grey Knights.