13 January, 2013

New Year Greetings + a paper plane

2012. Most busy year in my life so far.
2013 will be exciting as well no doubt. Lots of cool minis on the drawing board.
And I have decided to take on a big project for a competition - maybe for late 2013 or more realistic sometimes 2014. But having bought the stuff for the project is always a go for me. More on the later. Possibly much later.

And among some sorting of papers and house cleaning I found this paper drawing.

It is a technical drawing for a paper plane. Sort of anyway. I did the drawing a few years ago for fun. Red lines mean that the paper is folded one way, and blue indicates folds that go the other way. Anyway, I thought it was a fun was of presenting the "idea" of a simple paper plane.

btw, for a more complex and cool plane have a look at this plane.
Tried it a few times and it is a superb plane. Takes some practice though.


  1. Happy New Year!!! :)

    A new competition job, that sounds exiting:-)

    Perhaps you will be able to fill this years blog, with pictures of more old stuff since you will use a lot of your time on the new project :)

    Regardless of what you choose, I am looking forward to see what you bring to us this year.

  2. The paper image has really put things into perspective for me.. ;-)

    lovely clean symmetry. it kinda looks like a pyramid