09 April, 2012

Servo Skull Collector - studio shots

A few studio-style photos of the Servo Skull Collector.
Not the big setup with blue-white backdrop but enough to show the colours more clearly I hope.

I want to get a some more terrain done to add variation to my mood-shots and possibly even to get a game going at some point. A small 40K gaming board will also have to be done at some point.


  1. So cool. Your imagination produces such lovely creepiness, I love it. I've followed your work over the years and you never disappoint!

  2. Great work, he turned out very nice. The shield color change was a good decision too.

  3. Thats beautiful. The idea for the piece is great enough but the final product is nothing short of amazing.

    The pigment/varnish mix looks like it's come out really well, may have to try that myself in the future.

  4. JRN FTW!!!
    Your ideas for creating really dark future minis never stop amaze me.
    Can't wait to see some more!


  5. That's absolutely amazing, where do you get your ideas?