24 April, 2012

Thaddeus Velk, paint phase #1

Next up - and already well on the way - Hieronimus Hector Velk. 2 hours so far.

Edit: Unsure about the name... Hieronimus connotates too much artist or cronicle writer to me. Hector has a harder pronounciation and a sharper edge to it. Had to do a list of names to work out what to use instead of Hieronimus. Hector, Franz, Hannibal, Hugo, Ignatus, Matthias. Speaking of names - both Gregor Eisenhorn and Titus Endor are such cool names.

Anthor editing of the name. From Hector to Thaddeus. More subtle and mysterious.


  1. Such wonderful character in such a short amount of time! Thanks for sharing your WIP.


  2. Definitely need to pick me up one of the plastic Wight Lords for a similar conversion. Looks amazing as always!

  3. Wow! This is looking great. I really like the metal surfaces and the rawness of the face and head. You ability to choose colors is impressive.

  4. This is stunning, JRN!

    How about Thaddeus Velk? He looks like a Thaddeus to me.

  5. Lovely work so far! Tone of his face is amazing and it gives great contrast to the rest of the miniature. This is going to evolve in to masterpiece.

  6. Cheers. I am indeed going for mood and rawness on this piece.

    Thaddeus is not bad at all. I disliked Hieronimus for its connotations towards scribe/artist. Hector, however, does seem a little too heroic for a sinister, backstabbing, scheme-working psyker.

  7. Hector seems bookish and polite to me: mannered and noble rather than deranged. Biblically, Thaddeus is interesting as he's a shadowy, mysterious figure, often conflated with or confused for others, he may never have existed, if he did he disrupts the idea of there being twelve apostles, he may be the brother of Jesus, he may be Judas. Sounds Inquisitorial to me. I like it :)

  8. What bitz make up this figure? I recognize the cloak, and some of the items... but the body is lost on me.

    Excellent work, as always.