13 December, 2015

Harlequin Shadowseer

My travellings into the magical domain of the Eldar race took off in Spring when I joined the Invitational at the Iron Sleet blog back in Spring. Now I have worked on, developing the language of this sinister and mysterious race further. Fittingly, my recent Harlequin model, the Shadowseer, was posted on the Iron Sleet earlier today. The Iron Sleet crew have been doing Eldar interpretations the past month, so obviously the inspiration has been flowing back and forth bringing drive and enthusiasm. Thanks. And let's create some more!


  1. Like I said when this one was posted over on Iron Sleet:
    Lovely. Such a moody, sumptious and unexpected colour scheme.

  2. Thanks. And the colour scheme was only set at the very end of the process. I had several ideas going on but in the end I was using 2 inks (red and purple), and then finishing off with white paint sponged on. Crazy, but it works!

  3. I really like this figure. The little splotches of pink here are there make it seem particularly *other*. By adding just a little diamond, it is still tied to the traditional harlequin visual grammar. But when looked at alongside the Eavy Metal paintjob, it is radically different. Great work.

    1. Thanks Andy. That was the idea with the pink. To go very different, but to keep with the iconography by keeping one leg checked.