02 November, 2015

Eldar Farseer

Done. I want to move on to other miniatures. The Object Source Lighting on the spell-casting hand was fun and challenging to do, but I think it works alright. Would probably be better with a darker themed base. Anyway, that is the base theme for my little army and that is where he will go.

It would be fun to do this model with a muted wood-elves style colour scheme without red, but using various shades of green, blue-green gems, and the odd grey black and brown details...


  1. Beautiful! Love the palette you used. /Mattias

  2. Lovely as always. The worn white wraithbone you've created for this army is just fantastic.

    Not a huge fan of the OSL to be honest... It just a little too gimmicky and doesn't really fit the subdued old school look of the rest of the army.

    1. Cheers All.

      @ J.E.: yeah, i kind of agree on the gimmicky feel of the OSL. However, it is one of those places where i want to challenge myself. Better pics might help too.

  3. That's a lovely paintjob, with a really well balanced colour scheme.
    I remember enjoying the painting of this model too.

    Can we see the back of the figure?



    1. Images of the back and more angles. Yeah. I will see to get some slightly better pictures done and then update the post.