13 September, 2015

WIP: 5 AoS Liberators

5 Liberators on the go...

I am trying to do these without too much fuss and perfection. Just want to get some model done so I can have a go with the new rules.

However, I am debating whether the shields and shoulders should be white or a light blue-green...
I like the idea of the black hammer and lightning heraldry since it gives a very strong and graphic result.


  1. I like the black heraldry on white background. I use that a lot in my work...it also goes well with gold. Another option is to use only classic warhammer colors...no real white, but off-white bone colors, black, red, and gold. you are a master of this...

  2. Classic warhammer colours. That was the initial plan. I'll finish the squad then with the current plan. Cheers!

  3. I like it - nice and simple. I wastly prefer old school colours (hardly surprising...)

    The black and white shield looks great. But then again red shields with b/w checkered borders would look fantastic...

    1. Cheers J.E. Yeah, red and checks would be awsome as well. I'll save that for the greenskins though. Having see the recent works of Kari, on the Ironsleet blog, I feel very inspired to dig out that box of greenskin models.