07 March, 2015

WIP - Dire Avengers' weapons

So, with the INVITATIONAL project I am doing not only the 3 models required for the challenge from the ironsleet-crew, but actually starting an army. A Dire Avenger trooper is one of my model for the challenge but I am actually doing the whole squad now. 

My overall plan for my Eldar army is to have a colour scheme of white wraithbone armour, bold bright red for helmets and decorative areas (sashes, gems) and with black weapons. I have chosen these colour to go bright and light - and at the same time it corresponds nicely with the strong classic colour scheme that I favour. I want these models to really stand out on a gaming table.

However, the colours for the Dire Avengers are reversed having white helmets, bluish black armour and a red/black pattern on the hemlet crest. That leaves the weapons that should be black (according to my colour scheme), but this gets a little tricky because of the dark armour.

Thus, I tried out several ways of painting the shuriken catapult:

Left to right:
  1. Exarch - no shuriken catapult.
  2. Copper with a chaos black wash. Finish off with a light drybrush of copper.
  3. Bone + white for basecolour. Shading using Vallejo Model Color Burnt cad. Red mixed with Army Painter jumpsuit shader (a red wash). Highlights with white.
  4. Black base colour. Edge highlights using GW Dwarf flesh with a bit of magenta ink. Followed by a stipple of black (dupped on with a sponge), and final highlights with white.
  5. Copper mixed with Army painter orange (Prison jumpsuit). Shading using Vallejo Model Color Burnt cad. Red mixed with Army Painter jumpsuit shader (a red wash). Highlights adding white to the basecolour.
As you can see I also explored different base edge colours but have since this settled for classic black, which might go high gloss black. Not sure yet, but black is decided at least.


  1. Great to see how you work and experiment with colour choices.

    I think the Exarch scheme is brilliant, but also the orange scheme on number 5. Good choice on the black bases.

  2. I like the white or the orange catapult, but then again, if the rest of the army have black weapons, overall it may be better to go with black (which both look excellent by the way ;)).


  3. Thanks guys. Well, the choice really is a tricky one, but I feel like going all black to tie them properly in with the rest of the army. Cheers.

  4. I really like the fourth one it's more techno organic for me which suits Eldar. Consider that idea pinched...

    Also are those 25 or 32 mm bases they seem quite large?

    1. Basic 25 mm 40K bases. The eldar models er just tall an elegant. Also, I am working the sand on the bases a little down the side of the bases which changes the aesthetics a bit.

  5. They are beautiful - really looking forward to see this army take form.

    All the variations work but it feels like you've left out two options. Either white - the same white as the helmets. It'd probably look quite different but could be really striking.
    The second which is the one I'd prefer is to paint them the same grey as the second avengers loincloth. They'd stand out but still in a subtle way.

    Otherwise - always bet on black as the saying goes! Either way they're going to look great!

    1. Thanks Vader. Actually, I am currently working on a varation based on that helmet white you mentioned... Cheers.

    2. Always great to see more stuff from you, even if it is eldar (not a fan of the elves). Look forward to seeing everything together.

  6. Since these guys are effectively from a different army (being aspect warriors) as long as your major colors tie in, I think you can go in different ways for their other equipment.

    Fortunately, since I really like the "copper" look!

    And black base edges is the only way to go... black seems to fade to nothing on the tabletop, where as brown and green are more visible.

    1. Cheers. As you say; black bases is just the only way to go.
      I'll go for different army or origin for the Dire Avengers.

  7. Hey - just noticed: I have not explored going all red for the guns for these guys...