08 October, 2013


Back at the working desk after a busy month of lots of things - among these some gaming.
In early September I ventured to Nottingham to share some hobby moments with a group of friends. We spend a full day talking hobby and gaming. And I am hooked on gaming again. But at the same time I also had the chance to see the miniatures gallery in Warhammer World. Always a pleasure to see 'Eavvy Metal stuff up close. Now I feel like doing both armies and gaming AND painting display pieces in the crisp and precise 'Eavy Metal style. So many ideas and projects and so little time. Oh well...

The image above shows my gang's big dude and the newly recruited juve overlooking the myriads of staircases leeding down into the lower hive. All my models got taken out of action during the game, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun.

So, I should be back at the hobby enjoying both painting and gaming and sharing the projects during the coming dark months of Autum and Winther. Stay tuned.

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