25 February, 2012

thoughts on painting RED

Got questioned a few times over the years about how I paint the red robes and cloth on my miniatures.Truth is that I have done it in very different ways from project to project and usually experiment every time I am painting another red robe. Trying new stuff improvising to get closer to what I want.
Here are a few images:

A short standard write-up would be close to my description of painting red in the chaos warrior tutorial on my website.

A great colour when painting red is Citadel Scab Red since it covers horribly, but has a silky transparent finnish and a good surface strength that makes it go on very even and smooth. It is very good for mixing with strong red ink and layering over an already shaded and highlighed area. Sort of blends it all together like a tinted layed over an image in Photoshop if you know the effect.

Another colour is Bleached Bone that can give more subtle transistions for the highlights. I then only add white for the very final highlight.

More recently, I have started to experiment using an orange Winsor and Newton artist ink over an already shaded and highlighted orangy red. This is what I have done on the recent figures shown here - the checked shield on the Daemonhost and the red hood on the Skulker.


  1. If I remember correctly, I found your "how to paint red" tutorial way back when I restarted my hobby and learned a lot from it, so thank you very much! It was my Chaos Warrior band that got inspired by your Golden Demon winning regiment of Chaos Army. Still one of the things I end up checking every now and then...

    Red is definitely one of my favourite colours when it comes to painting miniatures and if I'm correct, maybe yours too? It's strong and dangerous colour, breathing the very essence of Warhammer, quite easy to paint when you learn some tricks but hard to master with other spectra.

    I believe we have to thank J.B. for spinning our heads and make us try W&N inks, don't we? I must admit, those inks have been one of the best purchase I've made in the last couple of years...

    Btw, weren't you visiting Finland as a guest of honour in RopeCon happening couple of years ago?

  2. Red is THE colour. Passion, blood, the setting sun.

    My whole painting approach has been turned around over the past 2-3 years or so. I have discarded using the wetpalette and returned to the use of inks. Also, I am pushing myself to rely more on intuition and the odd chance when I build and paint my miniatures.

    RoPeCon 2007 it was. I went to Helsinki instead of going to the GD that year and really enjoyed the event.

  3. I just wan't to say that you have been one of my biggest idols what comes to moods in warhammer hobby - the reds of yours especially are something that no one can mimic.

    Using reds as glazes on metals is the thing that has inspired me a lot with this hobby. What else can be a cymbol of love and absolute violence at the same time than this colour?

    It's a dangerous colour indeed.


    PS. Feel free to check out my small and humble blog.