18 February, 2012

Servo Skull Collector

A sculpting session on the Servo Skull Collector.
I believe he is very close to being ready for the primer.
Maybe a rivet here and there, but he is almost there...

Oh, and maybe a few coins nailed to the staff...
Purity seals anyone...?


  1. I think he's beyond purity seals.... Far too sinister as he is. Beyond help. Or reprieve.

    Love it.

  2. Nice, I would like a few purity groundseals here and there though.. A couple of coins on the staff would be nice too :-)


    Nice background ..

  3. This guy is brilliant. I think he's finished. Quite the inspired vision. I can't stop staring at the background though. I've been building a big table full of necromunda shanty town terrain and I've hit an impasse on the paint scheme. The tones on that bulk head are so rich. The barrel is great. Lots to study and take back here.

  4. Thanks. I Think I'll do the coins and rivets.
    And then onto painting!

    Mr. Skeller: I love working on terrain since you are somehow doing stuff which is more free - somewhat akin to drawing and and painting. Fun with colours and moods I suppose. I get a lot of weathering done using a mix of a P3 bright orange and MIGG weathering powder. Adds a nice unifying touch.

  5. This is flawless, JRN. Absolutely stunning.