22 November, 2015

Eldar army on Terrain

Lately I have been working on a 4x4 foot modular terrain set. This morning I added the flock (1 main type and 3 other types in patches for variation). Classic old-school fantasy, but I will be customizing it towards 40K or fantasy with detail elements that I will build later. First up, an army shot of my small Eldar force.

19 November, 2015

Intermezzo: a Nurgle Plaquebearer

 About a month back I prepped a standard model on a Thursday evening and had a nice 2-3 hours painting session on the Friday evening. My favorite kind of miniature painting. Start and finish during the same painting session. Like cooking a great meal and then sitting down to enjoy the food! Nice!

Inspired but the great adventures of David Soper on Sproket's Small World picked a Plaguebearer for the session. Great fun to just work back and forth with the skifting skin colours.

02 November, 2015

Eldar Farseer

Done. I want to move on to other miniatures. The Object Source Lighting on the spell-casting hand was fun and challenging to do, but I think it works alright. Would probably be better with a darker themed base. Anyway, that is the base theme for my little army and that is where he will go.

It would be fun to do this model with a muted wood-elves style colour scheme without red, but using various shades of green, blue-green gems, and the odd grey black and brown details...

31 October, 2015

WIP images: Eldar Farseer

Not finished yet, and I already want to paint this model again...

I still have runes and borders on robes and cloak left to do before I will call him finished...

19 October, 2015

Harlequin trooper

Finished this mini last week. The colours for the Troupe will be yellow, white and black. Will try and get less white on the next one. I have a handful more of the classic metal models plus the Death Jester painted in Spring. And I just bought myself the new plastic Shadow Seer. Ace!

13 September, 2015

WIP: 5 AoS Liberators

5 Liberators on the go...

I am trying to do these without too much fuss and perfection. Just want to get some model done so I can have a go with the new rules.

However, I am debating whether the shields and shoulders should be white or a light blue-green...
I like the idea of the black hammer and lightning heraldry since it gives a very strong and graphic result.

15 August, 2015

Age of Sigmar Liberator - Boba Fett-style

Last week I got an idea. To paint up a Sigmarite Warrior in the vivid colours of the all-time favorite mercenary; Boba Fett. So here goes.

A week has passed and I have had about 5 short painting sessions during the week. Really fun and also challenging to work with all these colours. It might not be completely right, but I am really pleased with the overall look.

06 August, 2015

My first Age of Sigmar model: Stormcast Procecutor

Alright - radio silence over. I have bought the Age of Sigmar box. And I really enjoyed getting the box in my hands, looking at the artwork, and feeling the weight of the content. I loved opening the box and admiring the sprues, and felt quite excited going through the rules and background. I am all-in on this IP-reboot. I loved the old World, but this direction looks really promising! So, over a few evening I have built and painted my first Age of Sigmar model; a Stormcast Eternals Procecutor:

Great model. Fun to paint and very crisp. I was trying to do a really ancient-looking gold on the armour revisiting my metallic technique from around 2002-2005 and then cutting corners on other parts such as belt details and the scrolls. The parchments are acually just washed over the white primer and then finished with edge-highlight. The base was done using the process from my Eldar Army. However, the warm hue of these bases might be a bit too much for this style of metallics. Oh well, first model done. On to the next.

I am not sure if I want to do and army. Yet. First I feel like trying out a few colour schemes, before committing for the whole army. Then I want the army...