17 April, 2017

Mordheim: The Possessed Warband

The final installment of my Cult of the Possessed Warband, the whole gang in all it's glory.

I am so happy about this little project. A great combination of producing models for gaming and exploring the imagery of Chaos taking shape in the Damned City of Mordheim. The gaming is a nice bonus, and especially this kind of warband makes for easy gaming; no shooting business and carefully moving models around to avoid getting charged. Just push the models around to get into combat and roll some dice. Plain and simple fun.

Also, to cover the last models I have detail pictures of my mutant hero, and the lone crazed darksoul in the warband.


  1. Skull face makes me think of the film The Wickerman (not the recent version) - it's the unsettling mixture of human body and animal head.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this lot in action!

  3. Beautiful! A great mix of miniatures. Love how the colours used across the Warband works really nice together. /Mattias

  4. Very inspiring work!

    Makes me want to start digging in bits box right now...

  5. Simple and effective Jakob. They are bloody gorgeous - love the faun creature and the beastmen to bits :)