21 January, 2012

Stone barriers - terrain painting

Teamed up with a great friend last night and painted away - I painted up the small terrain pieces shown below:

Sandstone barriers, rocks, and the odd oil barrel. I sprayed on the basic colours using an airbrush, Then I added detail by sponging on little dark scratch-marks, adding some MIGS weathering powder (African Earth mixed with bright orange paint), and brushing on some highlights with a size 1 brush. Looking forward to doing some moody photoshooting using the terrain pieces in unison with my latest additions to the =I= group.


  1. Nice to see the old astropath figure being used by someone other than me - so old and yet it still doesn't look out of palce among your wonderful conversions.

  2. Yeah. It is an awsome model. The new ones a brilliantly sculpted though, but what I like about the old classics is that they are often quite simple and quick to paint. One piece classics from around 1990 will always be favorite minis to me... as will the new multi-part plastic characters that GW started doing last year.

  3. Ah, the brickwall looks lovely coloured and fits well with the characters. I also like the way you've used models, pots and jars to bring your work more close to us viewers, like we'd be standing next to your hobbyspot, admiring what you've done over your shoulder and wondering what's next...