09 January, 2012

modelling session: Servo Skull Collector

2012. A New Year. New challenges.
The Servo Skull Collector. A used-to-be hermit who walked the endless battlefields searching for devices to strengthen his lost senses. Now, he has joined the staff of Inquisitor Harkon Felsh - need to create the Inquistor also I suppose - doing research both in the study and in combat. Added several cables and will add more. Also managed do the initial sculpting/bulking out on the gargoylesk bird. Photo out of focus but transfers the general idea.


  1. "gargoylesk bird"

    Colour me chilled with excitement. In NZ we have a folk lore about a bird woman it terrified me as a child:


    Awesome work and very inspiring!

  2. Great concept and execution. I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this.